Quinto Demolition demolishing a structure


Quinto specialise in a multitude of demolition activities. The range of activities includes traditional mechanical demolition, high reach demolition, robotic demolition and manual demolition. We focus on, but are not limited to the deconstruction of industrial, commercial and residential structures. Our industry experience enables us to assess your individual project and recommend a suitable demolition methodology for the safe and efficient completion of works taking into consideration the surround environment.


With professional, specialist support from the crane and machinery moving divisions, Quinto dismantle structures for reclamation and/or reuse. Our management team will work with you to identify assets to be salvaged and plan the deconstruction process. Our teams are competent working in live environments such as factory process, production and petrochemical facilities. We also have experience working within close proximity to infrastructure such as roads and rail. We offer solutions to deconstruct steel frame structures, chimneys, cranes, cooling towers, dangerous/partially collapsed structures, fire damaged structures, specialist plant and equipment installations and production/process lines.

Quinto operative cutting steel to dismantle a structure