Quinto Crane & Plant Fleet picture

With over 45 cranes and more investment into new cranes planned, we are sure to have you covered.

Our fleet includes the following:

Quinto Crane & Plant Fleet picture

Grove GMK6300L

Grove GMK5220

Tadano Faun ATF130G


Tadano Faun ATF90G

Liebherr LTM1070


Grove GMK3055

Grove GMK3050

Kato CR-250 City Crane

Liebherr LTM1040

Liebherr LTC 1045

Terex Demag AC35L

Terex Demag AC30 City

Spierings SK598-AT5

URW 706 UNIC Spider Crane

Coming Soon

Grove GMK 4100L

Spierings SK498-AT4