Need to support or retain part of a building or structure? We are experienced in installing temporary works systems such as Mabey Hire, Leada Acrow and other leading support systems.

Temporary Support

It may be necessary to support sections of a structure to be retained prior to demolition operations commencing. Quinto work in conjunction with qualified structural engineers to plan demolition sequences. This involvement assists structural engineers in their design of the temporary work solutions. We can then install the temporary work systems in line with the engineers designs prior to commencement of demolition.

Facade Retention

In some instances you may need to retain a facade, particularly in the case of redevelopment involving listed buildings. That’s where we come in, we install retention measures allowing demolition of the existing main structure, retaining the facade. This allows the new structure to be constructed and reattachment of the facade to the new structure prior to removal of the retention measures.