Quinto Crane & Plant, Grove 6300 lifting CWind Sword vessel into the water In A Nutshell: We take care of every aspect of the lifting operations for you. This means that we undertake a site visit to plan your lift, create all the documentation including the risk assessment and method statement; then our experienced competent Appointed Person manages and supervises the operation. We also provide and manage any other competent personnel we require to complete the lift. Most importantly, you can rest assured that liability of a safe and successful lift rests with us and is performed to CPA conditions.

In More Detail: Under the terms of a standard CPA Contract Lift, the crane/equipment, operator and all personnel supplied with the crane, (including the Appointed Person/Crane Supervisor) are the responsibility of Quinto when providing these services.

This means that Quinto is responsible for all aspects of the planning and execution of the lift and will be insured for the following:

  • all work is undertaken in accordance with British Standards
  • lifting operations planned by trained, competent and appointed person(s)
  • crane outrigger support is assessed to identify loadings and resulting pressure the ground;
  • slinging arrangements are planned and slinging undertaken by trained and competent persons;
  • lifting operations are supervised by trained persons and carried out in accordance with the lifting plan;
  • Quinto liability for loss of or damage to plant/equipment caused solely by Quinto when performing the lifting contract;
  • Quinto liability for loss of or damage to third party property caused solely by Quinto in the performance of the lifting contract subject to maximum liabilities*

*Please see Quinto’s full terms and conditions for liability information