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Monday marked the beginning of the second week of Robs CPCS A60 Mobile Crane training. We began the morning back in the classroom recapping what we had learned over the last week.  Rob has soaked up the information he has been given, and proved it with a great run through of his theory test questions.

Rob Paul Quinto Crane and Plant Mobile Crane candidate

As you can see from the photo Rob is really excited about his theory questions!

Once the theory was refreshed it was outside to a sunny but cold and windy yard for pre-start checks before Rob drove the crane into position for the days lifting.  At this stage we like to be cruel and allowed Rob to drive into position after forgetting to raise the suspension on his machine, only to quiz him on what he had done wrong once in position.  Rob quickly spotted his mistake and won’t do it again!



Quinto Mobile Crane training candidate Rob PaulOnce setup Rob programmed his RCI after contacting nearby Norwich Airport Air Traffic Control to inform them that the boom was going up. He then practiced various lifts and protocols he will need to be able to complete carefully and safely for both his CPCS practical test this Friday, and when he gets out on site after he passes his course.




Quinto Crane Operator Rob Paul

We will have another update tomorrow, and have a video showcasing Robs new skills for later in the week.  Will he be ready for his tests on Friday?  Check back regularly to find out how he progresses.

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