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A World First


Here at Quinto Crane and Plant we don’t want to be left behind with the crowd. We always look to innovate with the latest tech, training and techniques. That’s why we are proud to announce that we have been involved in the development and testing of the world’s first brain-crane interface technology.

Quinto Crane Operator Brain


Pushing the Boundary


Whilst health and safety is our first priority, speed and efficiency are also important. Everyone knows crane operators like to do as little moving as possible.  With the newly developed neural interface they can operate without lifting a finger. The first unit has been retrofitted to an existing mobile crane from our fleet.  The unit has been tested by several of our specially selected operators. The technology will radically change the way we deliver crane hire and contract lifts to our customers.


Real World Trials


After extensive research and simulation, Quinto was chosen by the undisclosed manufacturer for real world trials. After a thorough screening and selection process, the most suitable operators with the highest brain function were identified and signed waivers to take part in the trial. This involved extensive training and testing in our yard before taking the new machine out on site to test the technology.


Quinto Crane Operator Brain Activity ECG


Inadvertent Side Effects


The prototype unit receives signals from the operator using a modified hard hat.  Electrodes are connected to the head  under the hard hat to a wireless transmitter.  The unit sends signals directly to the crane when the operator thinks about moving the machine.  Through initial contract lift and CPA hire trials we have found that some operators have picked up thoughts and memories from other users where their brain signals are still stored in the system.  This is unfortunate but now one of our operatives thinks he is happily married again, so it’s not all bad news.  Several mobile crane operators lost brain function over the course of their trial.  This means they will now only be able to perform simple tasks such as digger driving, slinging or planning jobs as a Appointed Person.

Hard Hat

Lifting Responsibility


Crane Hire and Contract Lifts are potentially dangerous at all times, so using new technology adds extra potential risks to the operations.  This is why Quinto has been working with technology firm Norwich Analytica to monitor operator brain function during the trial phases.  The company providing regular feedback on responsiveness and signals being received from the sensors connected to the crane operators.  We haven’t heard from them for a while though…

ECG Monitor for Quinto Mobile Crane Operator

Future applications


We anticipate that the trial phase should take a few months.  Once we have replaced any operators that have no longer have sufficient physiological responsiveness we will complete retrofitting of all cranes.  This should have little impact on our mobile crane hire price list.  The savings in efficiency will outweigh the costs of fitting out our mobile cranes.


Outrageous reviews


Feedback from clients, sites and colleagues has been interesting.  One site manager said, “Your crane operators sometimes struggle to tie their bootlaces so I’m not sure this is a good idea!”  Matthew Odd, Quinto Appointed Person and Ex-Crane Operator, was astounded by the technology and its implications for contract lift planning. He suggested, “If they carry on developing systems like this I’ll be out of work soon!”


Operatives required


We are currently recruiting for Mobile Crane Operators in the Ipswich, Chelmsford and Peterborough depots.  You can click here to find out more information and for details of how to apply.  A class C HGV licence and CPCS Mobile Crane ticket are required, mild brain activity is also a necessity.


Learn More


If you want more information about our cranes visit our fleet pages to see photos and specifications.  For all of your mobile crane hire and contract lift needs you can get in touch with us through our Contact Page.



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